• Read stories in your classroom about people who share and help each other.
  • Talk with your class about current events from various sources such as NPR, Colorlines, and the BBC.
  • Don’t single out minority students to speak for a whole racial/ethnic group.
  • Ask students to share about a family tradition they observe during the holidays (or ordinary days).
  • Do the faces activity with your students. Ask students to imagine the people they see in the close-up pictures. What do they like? Where do they live? What religion are they? Then reveal wide-angle pictures, and ask students to talk about what they see, what their assumptions were, and the reasons behind those assumptions. Get the pictures here, and print them or show them on a screen.Get the descriptions here.
  • Do the New Neighbors activity in the Education Pack. It’s on page 12.
  • Talk about how the media is biased and discuss the myths the media has created.
  • Become an ally for minority students in your school.

Osei introducing the “New Neighbors” activity: